Alliances Edit

Current Clan: StarClan Edit

Past Clan(s): ShadowClan Edit

Life Edit

Age: 48 moons Edit

Status: Leader Edit

Death: Caused by a fallen tree Edit

Names Edit

Names: Ravenkt, Ravenpaw, Ravenwing, Ravenstar Edit

Family Edit

Mother: Dewspirit Edit

Father: Jaywing Edit

Littermates: None Edit

Mate: Hickorystar Edit

Kit(s): None Edit

Education Edit

Mentor(s): Eagletalon Edit

Apprentice(s): Cherryfall Edit

Appearance Edit

Present State Edit


Personality Edit

Basics: She is very serious, but silly if she's in the mood. Edit

Present State: She is almost always walking into ShadowClanner's dreams, and is very serious around StarClan cats. Edit

Kithood: Bright and bubbly Edit

Apprenticehood: Stuck up and thought she was better then everyone Edit

Elderhood: Who knows what she'd be like. Edit

Relations Edit

 Romantic- Edit

  • Mate[s]: Hickorystar (SkyClan)
  • In-Law[s]:
  • Kit[s]:
  • Grandkit[s]:

Family- Edit

  • Nephews/Niece[s]:
  • Sibling[s]:
  • Cousin[s] [Ti]:
  • Cousin[s] [Sp]:
  • Mother:
  • Father:
  • Uncle[s]/Aunt[s] [Ti]:
  • Uncle[s]/Aunt[s] [Sp]:
  • Grandparent[s] [Ti]:
  • Grandparent[s] [Sp]:

Education- Edit

  • Mentor(s):
  • Apprentice(s):

Trivia Edit

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