Welcome Warriors Fans!Edit

Welcome to the Warrior Cats Role-playing WIki, or the Roleplay Warrior Cats Wiki. This is a community where you can role-play, compete in contests, and have fun in general.

We highlight on the Clans and Tribes from the books mostly. But, we make up our own characters. Using characters from the books will not be allowed. We have made pages that redirect you to the dens and Clan pages.

Information Edit

Season: Leaf-Fall

Next Gathering: August 29

Moon: Half moon

News: Half moon is here. All medicine cats must travel to the Moonpool on August 26. Make up date is the 28th. Tribe has been working hard on Clan pages and stuff. RiverClan and the Tribe of the Rushing Water will be done soon.

Rules Edit

  • Please don't make any pages unless you ask a admin and they give it the okay. If you don't ask first, your page will be deleted. We don't need random floating pages around the wiki.
  • To make a new role-play, please go to the Forum named, "New roleplay" and ask people to roleplay with you. We don't need the roleplay pages spammed with questions.
  • Please keep OOC out of the roleplay pages. There is a forum called ''chat'' that you may use.
  • You may curse/swear, but keep it to a minimum. not every kid is 15 years old, K?
  • If an admin warns you that they might block you, please stop what you are doing that could make them block you. This includes swearing too much, flooding, spamming, bullying, or any sort of that matter.
  • No bullying or vandalism. Both earn you a ticket to being blocked for two weeks or until another admin sees fit.
  • No spamming, you will be blocked for a week if you do so. This also includes page-making rule.
  • Please, keep it PG 13. Please. Which means not to much gore,and don't take mates too far out there.
  • Please only roleplay as either a feline or canine. Only roleplay as a canine if you will pose a threat to the felines. Which means you can't twolegs as well a badgers.
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Admin Rules Edit

  • Don't change the homepage or any other page without permission.

Admins Edit

Tribe (w̾i̾n̾d̾c̾l̾a̾n̾)

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