Leaders Den:

Apothecary Den :

Elites Den:

Trainees Den:

Kit Den:

Servants Den:

We are a vicious, untolerant pack of felines, who of which do not accept kittypets or clanners. We live in a rocky forest, our camp at the center. We keep prisoners, raid clans, kitnap, make one kill a day, most of the time (Prisoners), and other pack stuff. 


Leader: The head of the Pack. The leader controls all forcefully and brutally.

Deputy: Second in command. The deputy forms patrols, hunts, fight, and controls similar to the leader.

Elites: They hunt for the pack, raid camps of their kits, fight, and basically what the deputy and/or leader tells them to do. They can be regular elites, or prisoner pit guards.

Trainees: They train to become elites, or a apothecary. They basically do what the elder cats tell them to do.

Kits: Self-explanitory.

Caretakers: Basically queens, they care for kits.

Apothecary: Basically the med, they must know all herbs, and are skilled in the art of poisoning.

Servant: They are former prisoners, or the rank servant can be punishment for lets say: killing another packmate, attacking one of the pack kits, etc.


Standard: You must have at least read the first series of Warriors

Apothecary: Knows all herbs, also poisons.