This is how you can set up a charrie page. Feel free to copy and paste it. Please do NOT make more than one page for this. You can have more characters, but list them on the same page. Now, here's a good example of how you can set up a charrie page.

<Name> is a current <Rank> of <Clan>                            

                                                                               < Username on the wiki (only once if doing multiple characters) >                                                                                 

<Picture of OC>                            

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(After appearance, add a full body picture of your OC. A good place to make one is on this link here: )

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  • Kit[s]:
  • Grandkit[s]:

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  • Nephews/Niece[s]:
  • Sibling[s]:
  • Cousin[s] [Ti]:
  • Cousin[s] [Sp]:
  • Mother:
  • Father:
  • Uncle[s]/Aunt[s] [Ti]:
  • Uncle[s]/Aunt[s] [Sp]:
  • Grandparent[s] [Ti]:
  • Grandparent[s] [Sp]:

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  • Mentor(s):
  • Apprentice(s):

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